Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Ins and Outs of Formal Highland Dress [infographic]

Have you ever been to a traditional Scottish wedding and wondered what the groom was wearing? Most of us are able to recognise a traditional kilt but do you know what a sporran or sgian dubh is? Thanks to the guys at Scotire, there is now an infographic which outlines all items of a formal highland dress outfit […]

Annoying Office Habits Every Worker Hates [infographic]

Ever felt like screaming each time you hear the phrase ‘touch base’ or meetings that seem to drag on forever? If you work in a UK office, you’ll most likely be able to relate to the findings of a recent infographic (below) on annoying office habits. According to the survey, which was conducted by Orega, the most annoying habits in […]

The Evolution of Internet Access [infographic]

It’s hard to believe that the World Wide Web will celebrate it’s 25th birthday this year! For those of us still able to remember the days of DSL and 2G mobile broadband, it’s surprising to see just how far access to the internet has evolved these past few years. In 1997 for example, the introduction of Wi-Fi technology was a […]

Romantic Destinations for Valentine’s Day 2015 [infographic]

If you’re looking to woo over your Valentine this year, you’ll definitely need to go that extra mile and do something special. We’re certainly not talking a trip to the zoo or two tickets to see your favourite football team either! According to the findings of the infographic below, only 5% of women really want […]