Monthly Archives: November 2016


Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide [infographic]

If you’ve ever wondered how a baby and mother develop during a pregnancy, this informative pregnancy guide (see infographic below) is a great place to start. The guide gives a week-by-week account of a mom-to-be’s journey both from her health & nutrition perspective as well as the development stages of the baby, with each stage […]


8 Things You’ll Need If You’re New to Hunting [infographic]

Hunting can be a very exciting and thrilling hobby, but there’s a lot more to it than just a gun. For those new to hunting, there are several essential items that you’ll need before you can get started. It’s one thing to own a firearm but knowing how to use one correctly is another matter – attending a […]


Samsung Galaxy Note 7: the Disaster in Numbers [infographic]

Samsung has been facing serious issues with Galaxy Note 7 phones that have a high propensity of batteries failing and bursting into flames. Several incidents involving personal and property damage have lead to Samsung  recalling hundreds of phones worldwide. The phone was recalled officially in the U.S. once, and Samsung launched exchange programs in other […]