6 Biggest Losses for British Bookies [infographic]

british bookies

British bookmakers have suffered their biggest ever losses and we think that’s not so bad considering the fact that they’ve often made us suffer once in a while.

The above infographic looks at some of the biggest losses bookies have ever suffered over the last few years. It’s no surprise and bound to happen from time to time, especially since they usually have the upper hand in comparison to our fellow gamblers.

What really makes our eyebrows jump are the fact that against all odds, some losses go into the millions! If there was ever a time to bookies went bust, it would be that of 2014 when they lost a grand total of £45 million in just two separate days!

So remember folks, fortune favours the brave, every dog gets his day and many bets have that silver lining. So the next time you read about the bookies losing out, somewhere, somehow, someone is laughing. All the way to the bank.

biggest losses suffered by bookies