Are you at risk of developing Metabolic Syndrome? [infographic]


Metabolic syndrome is a combination of factors that raise a person’s chances of developing diabetes and other diseases. It puts you at greater risk of heart disease, stroke and conditions affecting blood vessels.

On their own, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity can potentially damage your blood vessels, but having all three together is particularly dangerous.

They are very common conditions that are all linked, which explains why metabolic syndrome affects an estimated one in four adults in the UK.

Remember, metabolic syndrome is preventable and can be reversed by making the following lifestyle changes:

  • losing weight
  • getting active
  • eating healthily to keep blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels under┬ácontrol
  • stopping smoking
  • cutting down on alcohol
  • if necessary, taking medication to control high blood sugar and cholesterol levels

This very informative infographic (below) sets out the Metabolic risk factors helping you to self-diagnosis for the condition.