Are you thinking big for your retirement plan? [infographic]


Living in the family home once your children have flown the nest can be both a blessing a curse, more of us than ever are now looking to relocate into a smaller property (aka downsizing). Many over-55s are experiencing a seismic lifestyle shift, with the prospect of travel and other enjoyable experiences becoming a reality as a result of raising funds from existing property.

If you’re one of the 55% of UK property owners who plan to sell up and size down then this infographic about downsizing ‘Think big, live small’ is well worth a look. The graphic, designed by Audley Retirement takes a look at how over-55s today are living and planning to live in the future – what are we spending time, energy and money on in retirement? Hint: It isn’t wildlife, but for some it just might be a safari.

Audley offers luxury retirement properties giving those who want to travel the opportunity to do so and those who love to dine well the opportunity to do so in their own luxury building complex. These high-spec villages are closer than you think and contain fine dining, spa and gym facilities – Audley villages are dotted up and down the UK, apartments all nestled within beautiful and historic surroundings.

“I knew who I was this morning but I’ve changed a few times since then”

If you have a keen eye for art, you may also spot some well-known references in this data visualisation. Just like Alice in Lewis Caroll’s famous novel, many of us grow into and then out of our own houses. Finding the right property at the right moment in time can be the magical solution, whether planned for (by just 20% of us) or as a result of ‘falling in love’ with a new property.

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