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Challenges Franchise Businesses Face with SEM Campaigns [infographic]

Are you aware that a new franchise opens about every eight minutes? To keep a franchise business thriving, you must have the right team of SEO and PPC specialists to maximise your digital marketing with search engine marketing campaigns. The need for the franchiser to follow brand standards and the franchisee’s desire for creativity can […]

Successful business minds

100 Brilliant Business Minds [infographic]

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business and are looking for some inspiration, then you should check out the awesome infographic below. It contains a wealth of quotes and tips from the 100 most successful business minds across the globe. [via]  


How to Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media [infographic]

For many companies, social media and email marketing activities are seen as two completely different things, both with different purposes. However, according to the infographic below, these two strategies can be integrated to help convert followers into buyers. For example, when somebody subscribes to your newsletter they are telling you that they’re interested in your brand. […]

annoying office

Annoying Office Habits Every Worker Hates [infographic]

Ever felt like screaming each time you hear the phrase ‘touch base’ or meetings that seem to drag on forever? If you work in a UK office, you’ll most likely be able to relate to the findings of a recent infographic (below) on annoying office habits. According to the survey, which was conducted by Orega, the most annoying habits in […]

happy customer

How to better understand your customers [infographic]

Keeping customers happy and excited about your products is probably one of the hardest things in business – as new trends in the industry emerge, it can be difficult knowing what your customers need and what. Listing to their views and opinions will not only help to improve sales and customer satisfaction but also provide […]


Guide to Achieving Long-Term Business Success [infographic]

Let’s face it; starting a business these days is tough! You need to be both dedicated and motivated, with the risk of financial ruin higher than ever before. According to the information contained in the infographic below, one of the many reasons why businesses continue to fail is due to a lack of financial responsibility […]