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cost of owning a car

True Cost of Owning a Car [infographic]

Have you considered buying a new car? You may be surprised at the real cost behind owning a new car once you add all the additional extras. Insurance, fuel, parking and maintenance, it all adds up and that’s not even to mention the swift depreciation new cars face. Never fear though, there are ways in […]


Guide to Achieving Long-Term Business Success [infographic]

Let’s face it; starting a business these days is tough! You need to be both dedicated and motivated, with the risk of financial ruin higher than ever before. According to the information contained in the infographic below, one of the many reasons why businesses continue to fail is due to a lack of financial responsibility […]

save money on energy bills

The Rise of Energy Costs [infographic]

Ever wondered how you could save money on your energy bills? A decade ago, the average monthly electricity bill in the U.S. was just $78.24, this figure has now risen to $107.28! According to research compiled in the infographic below, energy bills have risen as much as 37% in the last three years. There are […]

how the recession is affecting families across the country

How Recession is Affecting UK Families [infographic]

Families around the UK feel financially strained as unemployment and rising costs of living continue to take a toll. Statistics show that young people are suffering the most, with more than one in five without a job. This takes the unemployment rate between 16-24 year olds to 22.2%. Food prices in Britain are also rising […]

celebration party

How Much Does it Cost to Celebrate? [Infographic]

Every year we are forced to part with our hard earned cash for some celebration or other, which always seem to cost money, and lots of it! Whether it’s Christmas or Mother’s Day, buying gifts has become a compulsory part of the celebration and to do otherwise would be considered totally wrong! But how where […]


Is Bankruptcy the Only Solution? [Infographic]

With the ever increasing problems of the economy, more and more people are experiencing financial difficulties because of poor income and excessive amounts of debt! Applying for bankruptcy might seem like a good option if you’re struggling to pay creditors and settle debts, but is it the only solution? Despite the humiliation that comes from […]