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christmas driving

The Dangers of Driving after a Night Out [infographic]

Christmas time is a time for celebration, meeting up with old friends and getting together with the family. It also means the office Christmas party and lots of opportunities to have a drink or two. It’s at this time that its most important to remember the dangers of drunk driving. It’s easy to forget the […]


Are You Safer in a Rented Home? [infographic]

More and more U.S. households are choosing to become renters rather than homeowners. But, regardless of where you live, there’s one fundamental thing to consider: your personal safety. Every 14 seconds a home invasion occurs, and the aftermath costs an average loss of $1,725 in property theft and damage. Though the police can offer great […]

burglary infographic1

Burglary in Numbers [infographic]

It’s always nice to feel safe and protected, but according to the latest stats on burglary it appears that we have a lot to worry about. Approximately 2,222,196 burglaries are committed each year in the United States with an average of over 6101 burglaries per day! [via]