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Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide [infographic]

If you’ve ever wondered how a baby and mother develop during a pregnancy, this informative pregnancy guide (see infographic below) is a great place to start. The guide gives a week-by-week account of a mom-to-be’s journey both from her health & nutrition perspective as well as the development stages of the baby, with each stage […]

Are you at risk of developing Metabolic Syndrome? [infographic]

Metabolic syndrome is a combination of factors that raise a person’s chances of developing diabetes and other diseases. It puts you at greater risk of heart disease, stroke and conditions affecting blood vessels. On their own, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity can potentially damage your blood vessels, but having all three together is particularly […]

The Good, The Bad & The Dirty of UK Water Quality [infographic]

If you’ve ever wondered where your water comes from or how it’s treated, the industry experts over at Anchor Pumps have created this infographic that highlights everything you need to know about the water supply in the UK. If you spend money on expensive bottled water, you’ll be interested to know just how much drinking […]

Why care about pollution? [infographic]

Air pollution can damage trees, crops, plants, lakes, and animals. In addition to damaging the natural environment, air pollution can also damage buildings, monuments, and statues. Breathing polluted air can make your eyes and nose burn. It can irritate your throat and make breathing difficult. In fact, pollutants like tiny airborne particles and ground level […]

The Top Takeaway Towns in the UK [infographic]

It’s no secret that we live our lives at a much higher pace than we did fifty years ago. Communication, transportation and shopping have all became a lot more easier and quicker – improving the lives of millions of people across the planet. However, as our lives get busier and the working day gets longer, the temptation […]

Stretching Exercises for Wheelchair Users [infographic]

If you’re a wheelchair user (or know someone who is) this latest infographic from KD Smart Chair is a great resource to improve circulation and posture through specific stretching exercises. Some of the benefits of stretching for wheelchair users include: increased flexibility, improved circulation, stress relief, improved posture, enhanced coordination and increased energy levels. The infographic includes […]

How to Exercise at Home [infographic]

We all know that January is the common month for people to decide to change their lives for the better, whether that lasts a week or the rest of the year. My Voucher Codes decided to look at more detail into what people in the UK have made as resolutions to do in 2015 to […]

The Dangers of Driving after a Night Out [infographic]

Christmas time is a time for celebration, meeting up with old friends and getting together with the family. It also means the office Christmas party and lots of opportunities to have a drink or two. It’s at this time that its most important to remember the dangers of drunk driving. It’s easy to forget the […]

Road Traffic Accidents by Numbers [infographic]

There are an estimated 30 million drivers in the UK and although the number of traffic related fatalities dropped by 8% in 2012, the number of road accidents, as well as personal injury claims for RTA’s, appears to be on the rise. In 2012, 1,754 people died on Britain’s roads with 17,930 injuries and 23,039 […]