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The Rise of Energy Costs [infographic]

Ever wondered how you could save money on your energy bills? A decade ago, the average monthly electricity bill in the U.S. was just $78.24, this figure has now risen to $107.28! According to research compiled in the infographic below, energy bills have risen as much as 37% in the last three years. There are […]

Valentine’s Day: The Meaning of Gifts [infographic]

A general rule on Valentine’s Day is that love is measured by the amount or quality of presents given. For example, did you know that men in both the UK and US spend twice as much as women on Valentine’s Day? Not only that, but 20% of women said that cheap flowers or tacky jewellery […]

Burglary in Numbers [infographic]

It’s always nice to feel safe and protected, but according to the latest stats on burglary it appears that we have a lot to worry about. Approximately 2,222,196 burglaries are committed each year in the United States with an average of over 6101 burglaries per day! [via]