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Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet [infographic]

Have you ever wondered how you can use Twitter to promote your business? Yes, you probably already know the basics of posting, following, retweeting and liking tweets. But what I’m talking about are the little details that matter so much to marketers; details that could mean the difference between success and failure for your business! Thanks to the […]

Using Email Marketing for Your Business [infographic]

Despite being one of the oldest online marketing strategies, email marketing is still as effective as ever with more and more email users each year. Email marketing has been proven to deliver not only the best online marketing results but is also the preferred method of contact for consumers. According to the infographic below, for every $1 […]

How to Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media [infographic]

For many companies, social media and email marketing activities are seen as two completely different things, both with different purposes. However, according to the infographic below, these two strategies can be integrated to help convert followers into buyers. For example, when somebody subscribes to your newsletter they are telling you that they’re interested in your brand. […]