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The World’s Busiest Travellers and Their Top Destinations [infographic]

Travel trends tell us a lot about our society and the world we live in. By looking at where people are going, we can see what they value, what they’re curious about, and even how they feel about the economy and the world in general. According to this infographic from Hipmunk, Americans are staying close […]

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Romantic Destinations for Valentine’s Day 2015 [infographic]

If you’re looking to woo over your Valentine this year, you’ll definitely need to go that extra mile and do something special. We’re certainly not talking a trip to the zoo or two tickets to see your favourite football team either! According to the findings of the infographic below, only 5% of women really want […]

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How to Relax at Airports [infographic]

Have you ever wondered what your holiday might have been like if you’d booked your flight at a different time or remembered to bring some noise-cancelling earphones? Sometimes paying attention to these small details can mean the difference between a pleasant flight and a holiday from hell. The infographic below sets out a checklist of […]


Untranslatable Words from Other Languages [infographic]

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt a particular feeling but couldn’t express it because there wasn’t a word for it in English? In those situations we usually just describe what we’re feeling, even if the word doesn’t exist. However, there are various words in other languages that have no English equivalent. […]