How Recession is Affecting UK Families [infographic]

Families around the UK feel financially strained as unemployment and rising costs of living continue to take a toll.

Statistics show that young people are suffering the most, with more than one in five without a job. This takes the unemployment rate between 16-24 year olds to 22.2%. Food prices in Britain are also rising at three times the rate of the world’s biggest seven economies.

Household income has fallen by 3.5% as salary rises fail to keep up with the rate of inflation. The growth in household outgoings such as bills means families have experienced a drop in disposable income for the fifth year running.

As rent, food and fuel bills continue to rise, families are forced to cut back spending on non-essential items such as clothing and recreational activities. To see the complete list of how families are being affected by the recession, check out the infographic below: