Marvel Heroes & Villains Yet to Make it to the Big Screen [infographic]

Marvel Character infographic

There is certainly no shortage of movies based on superheroes at the moment. Marvel heroes and villains have featured in a variety of successful films such as Joss Whedon’s Avengers Assemble which helped to remind fans why they fell in love with the characters in the first place.

The upcoming release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier also features a marvel character and is destined to be as successful as the previous superhero movies. However, there are thousands of different Marvel characters that have yet to appear on the big screens.

With this in mind, the guys at Vue decided to develop an infographic about some of the other comic book heroes and villains that they’d like to see portrayed in the movies. In addition to the amount of appearances in the Marvel comics, the graphic also lists the probability of the character featuring in a movie.


Captain America - Marvel superheroes and villains yet to appear in comic book movies infographic