Successful business minds

100 Brilliant Business Minds [infographic]

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business and are looking for some inspiration, then you should check out the awesome infographic below. It contains a wealth of quotes and tips from the 100 most successful business minds across the globe. [via]  

solar panel power

Everything you need to know about Solar Panels [infographic]

Solar-powered homes were a rarity as recently as a decade ago. But  worries about climate change and the growing need to cut energy costs have made them more commonplace. Buying solar panels can be a large investment so it’s important to find out first if your home is suitable and which solar panels will work best for you. […]


Why care about pollution? [infographic]

Air pollution can damage trees, crops, plants, lakes, and animals. In addition to damaging the natural environment, air pollution can also damage buildings, monuments, and statues. Breathing polluted air can make your eyes and nose burn. It can irritate your throat and make breathing difficult. In fact, pollutants like tiny airborne particles and ground level […]

takeaway food

The Top Takeaway Towns in the UK [infographic]

It’s no secret that we live our lives at a much higher pace than we did fifty years ago. Communication, transportation and shopping have all became a lot more easier and quicker – improving the lives of millions of people across the planet. However, as our lives get busier and the working day gets longer, the temptation […]


The ultimate guide to buying window blinds [infographic]

The infographic bellow is a visual expression of the two compared products: made to measure blinds and ready made blinds. There are major differences between these two types of blinds when we refer to price, quality and guarantee. For example, ready made blinds are yearly replaced while the made to measure blinds are changed every 3-5 years. There […]

checklist fi

The Ultimate SEO Checklist for Website Redesign [infographic]

So you’ve decided to update your website with a fresh and exciting new redesign and the results look fantastic! The only problem is that you’ve gave little or no thought to your  existing SEO. It’s one thing to have a great looking site for your business, but if nobody can find you within the search engines, then […]


How much Brits spend on their Pets [infographic]

We are a nation of pet-lovers, with the average family spending over £250 per year on presents and treats for our furry (and not so furry friends). The extent of this animal ‘husbandry’ is clear when looking at the gender split between present giving – with men buying valentines gifts and women buying anniversary gifts! […]


Are you thinking big for your retirement plan? [infographic]

Living in the family home once your children have flown the nest can be both a blessing a curse, more of us than ever are now looking to relocate into a smaller property (aka downsizing). Many over-55s are experiencing a seismic lifestyle shift, with the prospect of travel and other enjoyable experiences becoming a reality […]

stretching exercises thumbnail

Stretching Exercises for Wheelchair Users [infographic]

If you’re a wheelchair user (or know someone who is) this latest infographic from KD Smart Chair is a great resource to improve circulation and posture through specific stretching exercises. Some of the benefits of stretching for wheelchair users include: increased flexibility, improved circulation, stress relief, improved posture, enhanced coordination and increased energy levels. The infographic includes […]


The History of the Engagement Ring [infographic]

[via Vashi] This parallax scrolling infographic created by Vashi tells us the captivating history of the engagement ring. This tiny object has been deeply influenced by history during different periods and by different communities until it became what it is today: the symbol of two people promising each other for life and for marriage. From […]