Road Traffic Accidents by Numbers [infographic]

road traffic accidents

There are an estimated 30 million drivers in the UK and although the number of traffic related fatalities dropped by 8% in 2012, the number of road accidents, as well as personal injury claims for RTA’s, appears to be on the rise.

In 2012, 1,754 people died on Britain’s roads with 17,930 injuries and 23,039 serious injuries. According to the infographic below, the most common causes of RTA are speeding (25%), carelessness (19%), drinking (18%), not wearing a seat belt (13%) and inexperience (25%).

The two most common causes of RTA (speeding and inexperience) would suggest that the majority of those involved in car accidents are young drivers with little or no driving experience. To see the rest of the road accident statistics, check out the infographic below: