The Best and Worst Times to Send E-Mail [infographic]

Ever wondered how long it takes someone to look at and eventually reply to your email? Thanks to the guys at, this research has been compiled in the form of an infographic with the best times and worst times to send email.

If you’re a business, getting a positive response to your emails can mean the difference between success and failure. According to the stats below, emails reach their best results in the 1st hour after delivery – within 2nd hour, the results drop by half and more than 90% 5 hours after delivery.

In general, the best time to send emails is in the early afternoon as most messages land in inboxes in the morning. That’s why those sent in the afternoon have more chances of being noticed, opened and clicked. So if you’re look to optimise your email campaign, check the rest of findings below:

Best-Time-To-send-emails infographic