The Good, The Bad & The Dirty of UK Water Quality [infographic]


If you’ve ever wondered where your water comes from or how it’s treated, the industry experts over at Anchor Pumps have created this infographic that highlights everything you need to know about the water supply in the UK.

If you spend money on expensive bottled water, you’ll be interested to know just how much drinking the water out of your tap can save you. And if you’re thinking of moving house or starting a business, you’ll be able to choose a location where the water is of the very best quality – hard water can damage your appliances, from the Kettle and washing machine, to your domestic shower pumps and even your central heating system.

Water is our most precious and important resource. It makes up 60% of our bodies, and it’s essential for health and hydration. We’re proud to be able to say that the water supply in the UK is amongst the very best in the world.

[via: Anchor Pumps]