The History of the Engagement Ring [infographic]


[via Vashi]

This parallax scrolling infographic created by Vashi tells us the captivating history of the engagement ring. This tiny object has been deeply influenced by history during different periods and by different communities until it became what it is today: the symbol of two people promising each other for life and for marriage.

From the cords cavemen used to craft for their other half, from Ancient Egypt and the first real engagement ring, from the thimble Puritans replaced the ring with, up until the famous Cartier Trinity ring and Beyonce’s extravagant $5 million ring, let us take you through the fascinating history of the engagement ring. You’ll meet Romans, a Pope, Victorians and you’ll also get to know which ring is considered the world’s most famous engagement ring. Tip: it was offered twice by a Prince, once to a Lady and then to a commoner, making a lot of girls’ dream come true.