The Top Takeaway Towns in the UK [infographic]

takeaway food

It’s no secret that we live our lives at a much higher pace than we did fifty years ago. Communication, transportation and shopping have all became a lot more easier and quicker – improving the lives of millions of people across the planet.

However, as our lives get busier and the working day gets longer, the temptation to skip making food at home and grab a ‘quick bite to eat’ has also grown considerably. Fast-food outlets are now present in almost every UK town and city, with everything from fried chicken to Indian world cuisine on offer.

While more variety is usually seen as a positive thing, the rapid growth of the UK’s fast food industry is leading to an obesity epidemic with very little of us stopping to think about the poor quality of the food we’re consuming. The high sugar and saturated fat content associated with fast foods has also been linked to a rise in various diseases across the country such as Type 2 Diabetes.

To learn more about this crisis and to find out if your town is one of the worst fast-food offenders, check out the infographic below: