The World’s Busiest Travellers and Their Top Destinations [infographic]

world busy travellers 1

Travel trends tell us a lot about our society and the world we live in. By looking at where people are going, we can see what they value, what they’re curious about, and even how they feel about the economy and the world in general.

According to this infographic from Hipmunk, Americans are staying close to home. Americans take the prize for most domestic travel, perhaps because our country offers so much variety within its borders. We’re staying close on our international jaunts, too, with Mexico topping our preferences in spite of recent violence and immigration issues. We also enjoy trips to Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Mexico was a top destination for Americans in the 1970s as well. Since then, Australia, China, Costa Rica and the United Arab Emirates have all been hot spots for American tourists. As a destination, the U.S. is in second place among the world’s travellers, sandwiched between France in first place and Spain in third. But where do the French and Spanish go on their vacations? They visit each other, according to the graphic, as well as Italy, Germany, the UK, and Portugal.

Americans take the prize for domestic travel!

world busy travellers

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