True Cost of Owning a Car [infographic]

cost of owning a car

Have you considered buying a new car? You may be surprised at the real cost behind owning a new car once you add all the additional extras. Insurance, fuel, parking and maintenance, it all adds up and that’s not even to mention the swift depreciation new cars face. Never fear though, there are ways in which you can save yourself some money. Why not have a look at our infographic and see for yourself?

The True Cost of Owning a Car

  • RosyJill

    This is actually putting me off buying a car now lol!! If fuel prices increase, the government should reduce other prices (for road tax etc)!!!

    • Z_Z

      Exactly my thought!!!

  • Z_Z

    I’d say these cost are generous compared to what the average person pays out each year – which is considerable high the figures quoted in this infographic!