Where The People Of New York Move To [infographic]

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New York City is a fast paced city where everyone is constantly moving around. We wanted to find out what are the most popular areas New Yorkers are moving to and from. We consulted Dumbo Moving and Storage, one of the largest moving companies in New York and they compiled a list of zip codes of locations people moved from and moved to, over the past six months. Let us view the results.

The Northwestern part of Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights is the busiest area in New York. It is the location where people are moving from and moving to the most followed by the areas: Murray Hill and Chelsea. The fourth and fifth places in terms of most popular areas to move to are Williamsburg and Prospect Heights.

Unfortunately the once sort after Upper East Side and Upper West Side happened to be locations New Yorkers are moving the most from and without being repopulated. The Upper East Side and West side bring up fourth and fifth place of areas people are moving out of, respectively.

Judging by preferences of Dumbo’s customers, whose average age is between 20 and 35. Three of the five most popular areas to move are in Brooklyn; Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg and Prospect Heights. Four of the five most unpopular areas are from Manhattan; Murray Hill, Chelsea, Upper West Side and Upper East Side. Manhattan’s day in the sun appears to be over; everyone wants to move to Brooklyn now.

[via Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC]